Have you ever considered investing in remanufacturing? At LaserBond, our remanufacturing service takes your used or worn surface engineered parts and restores them to their original performance with a result that is equivalent to of the performance of a newly-manufactured product. Buying a new part to replace the old worn one can be cumbersome to research and implement. Instead, give us what you have and let our experienced team do the rest.

Technology we license

Much of our surface engineering technology and processes have been developed in-house through our R&D facilities. These technologies are available for licensing in a range of markets.

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Services we offer

Our capabilities incorporate a unique range of advanced surface-engineering technologies and processes designed to enhance the life and performance of machinery, equipment and production-vital components.


Products we make

We develop and manufacture an exclusive range of surface- engineered products, embedded with our patent technologies that will extend component wear-life by 3 – 7 times.

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During the remanufacturing process, we dismantle the product to find the source of the problem. After we have identified the issue, our team will restore and replace the necessary components to get your parts back to working order. We then begin testing the components and the entire product. This testing process is to confirm that the newly-refurbished part is within its original design specifications.
Some people consider remanufacturing a product akin to getting a new product entirely: it’s one of the top reasons why people look for companies like ours to provide remanufacturing in Sydney. At LaserBond, it is our goal to remanufacture your parts so that they are at least equivalent to a newly-bought part. When remanufacturing is completed correctly, the functionality of your newly-remanufactured part will make it seem as if it just came out of the box.
Advantages of Using LaserBond for Your Remanufacturing Needs
At LaserBond, we know that your business has more than one option when it comes to investing in remanufacturing in NSW. It is with us that you will experience quality service and efficient results that will keep you coming back.
Minimal prior experience with remanufacturing? Listed here are just some of the advantages of enlisting LaserBond when you require remanufacturing in Adelaide.
  • Minimise wear: By remanufacturing your parts, you virtually roll back the clock, turning these parts back into a functional part of your surface engineering system. When you remanufacture your products, you are ensuring that all the worn parts are replaced without replacing the item itself.
  • Increased production: By replacing the worn components of your parts, we can restore your item to full functionality. Our reliable remanufacturing process means that when the part is in use, it will work the way you need it to and continue to function reliably.
  • Reduced downtime: With everyday part use comes wear and tear; that is common knowledge for professionals across all industries. When your parts become worn down, you will no longer have to stress about your machine's downtime significantly impacting your production schedule. With LaserBond remanufacturing in SA, you can send in your item to us and trust we will return it to you efficiently. With minimal downtime, your business can enjoy full productivity with your remanufactured parts as quickly as possible.
  • Control your environmental impact: There are many benefits to remanufacturing your parts in Sydney, but one factor quickly gaining steam across Australia is the environmental benefit. Remanufacturing helps your business to do its part to protect the environment and reduce your professional environmental impact. By using the same components and their materials for longer before investing in brand-new manufactured parts, you are actively reducing your energy use and helping to prevent harmful emissions in the air and water.
At LaserBond, we have proudly helped businesses across Australia with remanufacturing their worn surface engineered parts, and we’re ready to offer those helpful services to you. Contact us today and let us guide you to a solution.