Family Founded in 1992

The company is a classic grass roots family founded business. Gregory Hooper while working as a leading technical specialist in welding applications and metallurgy foresaw a services company that could embrace new metal spray deposition technology. With family support, Greg founded the company as HVOF Australia P/Lin 1992, working from a small workshop in Ingleburn, NSW. His brother, Wayne joined the business in 1994.

It relocated to larger premises in Smeaton Grange, NSW in 2007, Cavan SA was established in 2012 and was ASX listed in 2007 as LaserBond Limited (ASX:LBL).

Innovation Led Growth

The company was at the forefront of the development of the High Pressure High Velocity Oxy Fuel (HP HVOF) process. The HP HVOF process sprays semi-molten droplets of coating material at extremely high velocities, resulting in coated surfaces of the highest possible quality and performance to improve durability, resistance to corrosion, or both. The investment in an in-house Scanning Electron Microscope remains unique today amongst LaserBond’s peers. The design and application of high performance metallurgical claddings requires an understanding of bonding and the deposited material. The well-equipped metallographic laboratory enabled LaserBond to make world-leading advances in surface engineering for wear.

Our innovation with laser cladding dates back to 1999 - when we built one of the world’s first high-powered laser cladding system (6kw). The company now has built several laser systems, the latest one is a 16kw unit integrated into an advanced robotic manufacturing cell, comes online late 2016.

In 2014 our team lodged patent applications for a revolutionary new “LaserBond deposition method” that enables extremely thin layers of metallurgically bonded cladding to be laid down at low heat without inter-metallic dilution or porosity.

Industry Collaboration

LaserBond’s growth has accompanied its collaborative relationships with key and and enduring customers. Starting from a problem solving opportunity we develop technology based solutions to wear life and performance problems that constrain our customers. In turn we develop specialized products, or standardized service protcols that becomes a growth partnership.

Our formal R&D collaboration with UniSA accelerates this passion for innovation.