Heat Treatment Vacuum Furnaces

This video showcases our Heat Treatment capabilities. We have 3 x Abar- Ipsen positive pressure quenching vacuum furnaces and 2 air recirculating tempering furnaces, providing state of the art heat treatment for air hardening materials to 1300 degrees Celsius. Cooling pressure up to 6 Bar. Capacity to 600 x 600 x 900 m.


We have a range of equipment for grinding including, Cylindrical grinders to Ø1250mm swing x 5000mm between centres. This video showcases one of our largest grinders at our Smeaton Grange, NSW workshop.

Grit Blaster

Our grit blaster machinery and booth is a newly installed, state of the art set up, located at our Smeaton Grange, NSW workshop. This video showcases the grit blaster in operation.

Horizontal Borer

We have Horizontal machining centres including CNC horizontal boring and facing to 4000 x 2300 x 2300mm. This video showcases our large horizontal borer which is located at Smeaton Grange, NSW.

HVOF Thermal Spray

This video showcases our HVOF thermal spray in action. In total across all our facilities, we have 7 x booths equipped with robotics and component manipulation up to 1600 dia. x 4000mm length. Additionally, we have an HP HVOF (x4), HVAF (x2), Arc spray (x8), Air Plasma spray, combustion wire and combustion powder spray systems.


Our R&D team is fully equipped with an in-house laboratory to conduct testing and examination. One of the main tools for this research is our Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), which is showcased in this video. The SEM allows for investigation of surface engineered layers and base material metallurgy down to the nanoscale.

Laser 7

This video shows our newly commissioned laser in testing and set up phase. It is an automated 8 kW multi robot LaserBond® cladding cell, incorporating robotic pick and load system with measurement capability and integrated thermal control.


This video showcases our largest lathe at our Smeaton Grange, NSW workshop. We have CNC lathes to Ø400mm x 2200mm between centres. Conventional centre lathes to Ø1600mm x 8000mm between centres CNC Vertical lathe boring to Ø3000mm x 2500mm. In our QLD facility we have a manual lathe with a swing of 2000mm x 5000mm long.


In this video we showcase well-equipped metrology lab capable of stabilising large objects of up to 3.5T ready for dimensional checks and reporting with our portable CMM and a variety of other equipment, as well as the ability to measure hardness and surface finish.


This video showcases one of our CNC milling machines in operation, this mill operates to 3000mm x 900mm x 900mm and is located at Smeaton Grange, NSW facility.

Vertical Borer

In this video our CNC Vertical lathe boring machine is filmed in action at Smeaton Grange, NSW. It operates to Ø3000mm x 2500mm and can accommodate a wide range of jobs.

Large Cylindrical Grinding & Super Finishing

Grinding and super finishing are both core functions of surface engineering and both are available at LaserBond Victoria. With the ability to super finish to mirror finish on cylindrically groundcomponents Ø500mm x 5000mm between centres. This video showcases these capabilities at our Altona, Victoria workshop.

Plasma/ APS Thermal Spray

Atmospheric Plasma Spray (APS) is the most versatile and flexible thermal spray. We have the capability to apply APS coatings at our Altona, Victoria workshop. This video showcases the APS thermal spray in action. LaserBond is a licensee of a range of traction and release coatings developed by Plasma Coating International. Coatings combine a thermal spray bond coat with a polymer topcoat.

LaserBond Cladding (Laser 8 - Victoria)

We have recently installed and commissioned our eighth advanced Laser Cladding cell (Q3 2021. This cell is the first Laser Cladding cell to be introduced into our Victorian workshop in Altona. The specifications are impressive, comprising of 8kW diode LaserBond® cladding cell with integrated 6 axis robotic work processing, coupled with a 2 axis centre capable of cladding complex geometries and internal bores), and providing up to 10T capacity and handling up to 2m diameter and 6m in length.

PTA Hardfacing

This video shows our PlasmaTransferred Arc (PTA) coating equipment in action at our Melbourne facility. This video showcases this versatile automated process for depositing a range of alloys and high hardness, metallurgically fused composite materials onto a range of substrates.

Spray and Fuse

Spray and fuse is a thermal spray process that creates a metallurgical bond between the coating and the surface. This video showcases our spray and fuse capabilities at our Altona facility.