Are you concerned about the wear and tear on your machine parts? Are you looking for a way to expand their lifespan? If so, you should consider laser hard facing.

Technology we license

Much of our surface engineering technology and processes have been developed in-house through our R&D facilities. These technologies are available for licensing in a range of markets.

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Services we offer

Our capabilities incorporate a unique range of advanced surface-engineering technologies and processes designed to enhance the life and performance of machinery, equipment and production-vital components.


Products we make

We develop and manufacture an exclusive range of surface- engineered products, embedded with our patent technologies that will extend component wear-life by 3 – 7 times.

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Laser hard facing in NSW is a practice that puts the highly trained technicians at LaserBond on the map. This superior method of safeguarding machine parts is a huge asset to any machine owner.

What You Should Know About Laser Hard Facing in Sydney

Many people that own machines, mistakenly believe that their metal parts break down because of a fracture. It is an easy concept to misjudge because as the machine is being used, there are a million things that could go wrong because of the complexity of any unit.
Machine owners are drawn to laser hard facing in SA because, in the long run, it is a money saver. Warped parts can make your entire machine to run less efficiently and, in many cases, it causes it to stop working entirely. If you get to the point where the mechanism stops working, you instantly lose funds if that machine is key element of your product production. If a part needs replacement, you continue to have downtime until you receive the part and install it. If the entire machine must be junked, you are in a position of waiting on a new one which could take time and cost a substantial amount of money.
Laser hard facing in Sydney is a straightforward concept. It involves a process of taking a harder material and fusing it onto a base metal. In the case of machine parts, the sturdier material serves as a protective shield to deter the piece breaking down quickly. Common examples of base metals that benefit from laser hard facing in Adelaide include cast irons and steels, nickel-base alloys, copper-base alloys, stainless steels and manganese steels.
The goal of laser hard facing is to strengthen the base of the part so that it can endure long term use. It is important to remember that this process does not change the overall foundation of the part. The piece still operates the same way, but now it has an extra barrier of protection.
A Team You Can Trust
As an authority on laser hard facing, the professionals at LaserBond understands how important every piece of machinery is to your overall operation. With over 25 years of experience as a surface engineering company, we are a trusted name in the industry and pride ourselves on knowing the latest techniques and processes to increase the life expectancy of your machine. We know the value your laser hard facing brings to your machinery and overall business. Our team is committed to helping you run your equipment efficiently.
For additional information on our laser hard facing services in SA, please click over to our contact page to send us a message. If you need immediate assistance, please call us on 61 2 4631 4500. An experienced member of our team is ready to help address any concerns.