ISO 14001 … A commitment to a sustainable environment

LaserBond is committed to high standards of environmental management and controls the impact of our activities, products and services on employees, our community and our environment. We seek opportunities to improve the environmental performance of our operations and those of our customers.

Evidence to our commitment is our ISO 14001 certification as it more than a sound environmental policy, it provides a framework to develop best practice helping us manage risks that impact our environmental footprint. Our process is to;

  1. Identify and quantify key potential risks facing the business;
  2. manage and minimise potentially adverse impacts;
  3. monitor and report on the most significant potential impacts.

It is part of our PAS99 – Integrated Management System that also incorporates Quality and Health & Safety. Our people all receive training in a range of environmental topics such as ISO 14001 requirements, compliant waste disposal, control of hazardous substances and energy usage.

Energy Efficiency…our internal KPI

Whilst only one of the environment measures we monitor, ‘Energy Efficiency’ usage is a significant input to our production process and an ideal KPI for the business.

Innovation & Climate Change

Our R&D innovation program focuses on developing new products and technologies to provide ourselves and our customers with competitive advantage.

We design innovative products and services to meet customer demands and their corporate sustainability goals through higher productivity, reduced energy consumption, water usage and waste generation.

Reclamation & Surface Engineering - The Low Carbon Alternative for Customers

Conservation of resources is core to LaserBond’s business philosophy; it is a founding objective.

Almost all wearing component wears or fails at the surface due to interaction with its environment – tribology. Our surface engineering technologies enhance this wear resistance and operating performance, which gets more productivity from machine components.

LaserBond also reclaims fatigued and worn industrial parts, improves their resistance to wear and corrosion, and increases their reliability and service life for a fraction of the cost of a replacement part.

In a world where carbon induced climate change is of concern, the abilities of LaserBond to increase the service life of industrial components provide significant opportunities. The steel industry estimates that around 30GJ of energy is required to produce one ton of steel. Through utilisation of its surface engineering technologies, LaserBond can dramatically extend the useful life of wearing industrial components without the need for replacement. A component originally manufactured from one ton of steel may typically be reclaimed and put back into service with only 1GJ of energy consumed.

Our customers win with reduced operating costs; the environment wins with reduced total carbon emissions.