Our Philosophy

We know that most industrial components that are being impacted, abraded, eroded or corroded wear out. Wear starts at the surface, when the surface begins to fail; the component loses efficiency, consumes more energy and may cause a breakdown – at best planned maintenance downtime.

LaserBond was founded in 1992 on a clear belief that wear can be reduced using sound surface engineering. Whatever your industry - mining, drilling, manufacturing, power generation, construction or agriculture – parts wear out.

We been researching, developing, innovating and applying new technologies to production-vital components. Technologies that are proven to extend plant and machinery life, improve wear and corrosion resistance, increase availability and reduce maintenance and replacement costs – increase productivity.

LaserBond also designs and manufacturers high performing wear-resistant components for tough applications – for DTH hammers for drilling, rock-cutting picks for mining, and other industrial applications.

All surface-engineered to extend service life. And increasing component service life - and reducing the need to replace - benefits our customers and our world.

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