The LaserBond®HAMMER; a game changer.

High erosion wear of ‘down-the-hole’ (DTH) hammers is a significant operational cost to the drilling industry. Typically hammer wear and failure contributes up to 20% of total drilling costs.

The LaserBond®HAMMER is a radical new design surface engineered DTH hammer that will deliver, under almost all operating conditions, a substantial and tangible increase in operational life and overcome the short life cycles experienced by standard ”high performance” DTH hammers.

New casing design

An investigation into how the cut rock particles hit the casing along with research into particle size, velocity, and the angle of incidence against the casing - guided the design of a casing that would resist abrasion and erosion. The result is a strategic series of rings along the casing.

This radical new casing design was then surface enhanced to extend the life of the casing and counter the effects of the continual erosive impact of high velocity particles.

A new drive chuck

To complement the new hammer, LaserBond developed a new drive chuck – also surface enhanced - which features a tapered design to manage and direct the abrasive particle flow. 

Internal innovation

We have improved the internal design of a down-the-hole hammer.

The new internal assembly has also gone a long way towards solving the galling wear problem faced by many equipment manufacturers. Application of advanced surface engineering to critical internal components has reduced internal wear and component failure and significantly improved hammer availability rates and performance.

LaserBond designed and manufactured down-the-hole hammers are built to last.