2.1 New DTH Hammer development achieves three times longer life. > read more

In Down-The-Hole (DTH) drilling the hammer unit is a relatively large pneumatic powered devise that operates “down-the-hole” adjacent the rock-cutting bit. High velocity exhaust air is used to flush the rock cutting up past the DTH hammer and back to the surface. 

Through an intensive R&D effort LaserBond has designed, proven and is now offering a game-changing DTH hammer, targeted at hard metalliferous drilling. It lasted three times longer as totally objective and independent tests proved, reducing total drilling costs by 7.5%.

2.2 Long-life Driller Stabilisers and Reamers > read more

Drill stabilisers are a special mechanical drilling tool used in mining and oil and gas industries. They form part of the drill string to prevent unintentional side tracking and reduce vibration (rod rattle) in the drill string, thus ensuring a higher quality hole.

When they are laser clad with appropriate metallurgy they extend life by 3 – 5 times.